Thursday, 12 February 2015

An about turn to the final product

Do you remember I stitched this Baby piece by Lynne Nicoletti?
Well one of the parents-to-be decided not to find out the gender and the other parents-to-be are expecting a "pink" so this piece may or may not have been useful!   A dilemma it was and so it sat waiting to be finished off.
Then last week we received an invitation to a baby shower (for the non-pink parents) in far off Wellington City.   We will not be able to attend but were asked for memories of the mother as a baby/toddler so her sisters could organise a quiz and photo board.   Oh dear!   I was living overseas when she was born and have absolutely no memories of her at that early age so it was up to Great Grandma who racked her brains.   Between us we found photos etc and Great Grandma wrote a letter while Great Aunty provided a memory box.
Yes!! The box, made of New Zealand native Rimu timber, has been waiting for its top for the past twenty years, so I cleared space on my shelf.  And the renovated piece is less gender specific and will hopefully tie in well with the nursery which is apparently decorated in soft green.   Tomorrow this will be consigned to the tender loving care of New Zealand Post and I pray it will not go astray.
Meanwhile I am finishing the front panel of my Sampler Casket.   The satin stitch is almost finished and then I will need to start on the zillions of bullion roses.  


  1. What a wonderful gift! How sweet.

  2. What a perfect way to use this piece. The box is as lovely as your stitching.

  3. Love the story, love the box!

  4. What an excellent gift! AND you solved the gender problem! It is a beautiful box.