Saturday, 20 December 2014

Progress on the Acorns

In between cleaning, cooking, gardening and the 1001 pre-Christmas chores I have managed some more stitching on the Acorn Sampler Reticule.
The scissor fob stitching is finished
The scissor keeper stitching is finished
But there are still thousands more stitches to be done on the bag and then the Squirrel needlebook to stitch and fit to the base.   The florentine should be fun as the middle row of diamonds are stitched to be stitched to look like acorns -  what else:-)
I love the row of little acorns.  
They were fun to stitch but perhaps I was over enthusiastic in stitching the date on the scissor keeper??  However there are still 11 days until the end of the year so perhaps a final sprint will get me over the line.   Sure hope so.


  1. I love this! As you said, there are still 11 days left in the year. I had my own sprint to finish something that I had already stitched the date on and I finished it. I think you can too!

  2. It is a challenge to stitch the year before one knows if one can finish within that date. Like Pamela I am hopeful that you can manage it. You seems to be such an organised person.
    It is a lovely design!

  3. Wonderful progress! You can get it done, plenty of time!! Laura

  4. 11 days with plenty of "at home" time I am sure you can complete this piece! It does look lovely as it is. I am sure it will look amazing all made up.