Sunday, 28 December 2014

Adam and Eve at Year's End

Today is the last of the four day holiday weekend we have for Christmas.   Most people will now have three days work before another four day weekend for New Year.   You'd think I would be rested and refreshed after that amount of time off wouldn't you?   I'm not!   I feel tired, hot and frazzled. The past days have been a blur of cooking, dishes, guests and poor sleep.
And to cap it off I had to reverse stitch almost everything I did on Christmas Eve and have been busy this afternoon repairing the damage.   The HD3QBEM laughed and told me I shouldn't have made a new start when I was so busy with everything else.   But at this time of year I invariably get enthusiastic about Christmas and having completed the stitching on two other projects a new start was legitimate.   Mary Beale's Christmas Wreath seemed perfect.
Tomorrow when the shops open again I will need to go to the LNS for a DMC 3345.   Otherwise everything is from stash.
Reverse stitching was so unappealing, I searched for another small project and found this little Adam and Eve Sampler that Phyllis from Austin sent me some years ago.   I stitched it over one thread of 24 count fabric so it has come out really tiny and is therefore likely to find a home in my curio cabinet which is getting rather full;-)
Our Christmas weather was perfect and together with Little Brother and his wife we went to the beach on the 26th.   Little Brother's wife has a sea kayak and she went off on her adventures while the rest of us relaxed on shore.
The Pohutukawa blooms red along the northern coastal beaches this time of year and is aptly named our New Zealand Christmas Tree.   Very pretty.


  1. I think embroidery is great for stress relief and understand that you feel drawn towards a new project even when you are busy with other things. What a pity you will have to unpick some of it!
    Beautiful weather, beautiful flowers. In icy Tokyo the camellias are at their best.

  2. Sorry for your reverse stitching but the rest of you holiday looks lovely! Happy stitching in the new year, Laura

  3. I wondered what frogs do for Christmas!
    Your little Adam and Eve is so sweet, nice to have a quick finish too.

  4. Happy New Year.
    I too love the NZ Xmas Tree. There was one on the nature strip at the house where I grew up and they've always had a special significance.