Monday, 8 December 2014

And it's Queen Stitches again

Friday night I didn't have the energy for Queen Stitches in The Sampler Chatelaine so threaded the needle and opened the instructions for Acorn Reticule.   Yes, the scissor fob would satisfy the new start I was craving.   But what's that?   Yes! Queen stitches again.
Here's a progress shot.   I rather liked the Woven Stitch square in the middle but found the instructions sparse and ended up using two needles - one of each colour thread - which seems cumbersome.   The result is good though.

Now I'm working on the scissor keeper and after that there will be no excuse, I will return to The Sampler a Chatelaine and finish that off before Christmas.

Baking is underway with several varieties of cookies in the freezer.  The menu for Christmas Day and for Boxing Day is all planned.   This morning I made a start on the other DIY job on the HD3QBEM's  list - a reprint of the ceiling in the bay window.   Amazing even myself I managed the preparation and undercoat thus morning before fatigue and bright sunshine called a halt.   No photos as it's only a white ceiling:-).  Now I'm off to the gym for some physical jerks and turn plan on baking a batch if chocolate and cranberry cookies.


  1. Catching up on blog reading this evening, your last few have been so funny together - you have been a real stitching butterfly!
    Lovely to see your mum typing up her memoirs too. I can remember a lot of the stories my grandparents told but I am sure there are many more I don't know.

  2. I like queen stitches. Holiday cookies sound wonderful!

  3. You have so many activities to keep you fully occupied. Enjoy every one of them.