Sunday 30 November 2014

Three Blind Mice and an M

Last night I sat up late and finished off the three mice.   At that time of night, I decided not to raid the yard broom but made their whiskers from Perle 5 and am happy with the way they turned out.  AS these are a pincushion two have red pins in their tails and one has black (due to an insufficiency of red!!)
I have found a box and will try to fill it with "little things" for the Embroiderers Guild sale of work next year so this is a good start.  
Three hardanger bookmarks are underway too.   I was going to put little angels on the diagonal up each bookmark but the little angels are proving little devils to stitch so have opted for a safer but simpler filling.   Surely they will be tempting to buyers even if not angelic?
Today Little Sister, her hubby and their Brazilian home stay student called in to see us.   Luiz is being shown the sights of Auckland City and Granny and Aunty are one stop on the itinerary!   It was great to see them and to hear a little about their epic journey along Route 66.  
Little Sister found this tricky box for me in New York.   Wasn't she clever to combine my love of boxes and my love of 'M'.   It's a puzzle box and the M is the key.   Here's a shot of the pieces.  
Well done Little Sister for finding such a suitable gift and carrying it carefully all across the country.
Last week we had the shower over bath changed to a walk in shower and the HD3QBEM is more than satisfied with the new arrangement.   She finds it much safer and for me it will be easier to clean. The workman is coming tomorrow to complete the odds and ends still left to do.   I will be glued to my phone tomorrow as I expect to hear back from the job which I applied for a couple of weeks ago and which I really really want.   Meanwhile I am finding all sorts of home jobs to get done while I improve the shining hours of waiting.


Pamela said...

The mice are so cute! Your guild will love them. What a great box. How perfect that it has your initial.
I hope you get the good news call soon. Waiting is such torture.

Queeniepatch said...

You are so quick at working your needlework projects I am sure you will fill the box to the brim with charming things (not just mice) in no time.
Great box! What secrets will you keep in it?
Good luck with the telephone call.

Mizumatte said...

The mice are so cut, I love them. I alsi like the M-box. I hope you get your phonecall early in the mondaymorning. Greetings from Sweden. Jaana

Karen said...

Love the mice -- so cute! Good luck with the job -- I hope you get it!

Shebafudge said... cute are those mice? They are adorable. xx

Clare said...

Your mice are adorable. I have stitched the mouse in a `Just Cross Stitch Ornament` magazine from a few years back. Love these Hardanger ones. Happy Stitching.