Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Baby post

Today I finished the stitching on Lynne Nicoletti's Baby envelope.  (Excuse the wrinkles - I have not ironed the piece)
Unfortunately I stitched this all from stash and the linen is a 28 count so the envelope is rather too big for what I initially envisaged.   Methinks a cushion may be coming up on this one but it will languish in a bag until I find out whether I get great-nieces or great-nephews or one of each?!
I love the little 'perambulator' but I am certainly not going to now do a pink version just on the off chance.   Should both babies be girls there could be a problem and I may be looking for a friendly recipient :-) and frantically stitching a pink perambulator.
And today I visited the Embroiderers Guild annual display of work.   Unfortunately no photographs allowed so you will have to take my word for it that there was a wonderful variety of work on display.   The HD3QBEM peered through her magnifying lens at the pieces that took her fancy and had a very decided opinion on her Viewers Choice ballot!   Obviously visual impairment didn't dim her enjoyment.  
After that we went to the local Spotlight store and I got some thin vilene to trace off a dress pattern, some buttons and some velcro to repair the HD3QBEM's slippers and spent the afternoon cutting out fabric for two dresses and a blouse.   Tomorrow is to be a marathon sewing day - broken by a lunch date with a friend.
All this activity to take my mind off the applications for work which I have sent off into the internet.
Oh yes and I did an hour and a half session at the gym before coming home to cook dinner.   What a good girl am I!


  1. what a lovely design, it's so soft and pretty. I would have absolutely no problem giving this to a girl baby, I don't think it matters that it's blue.

  2. That is a lovely finish. I love Lynne Nicoletti's designs (and she is a really nice lady too).

  3. It sounds like you are using your time well. I'm sure the Embroiderers' Guild display was wonderful.

  4. Love the baby piece! Absolutely adorable. Fingers crossed for the applications off in internet land!

  5. This is a lovely design. You could always add some pink beads inbetween the blue ones!
    Good luck with the applications too.