Tuesday 11 November 2014

A finish and a new start

This small hardanger needlecase can really be considered a finish I think.   I only need to put a couple of decorative tassels on the base of the front and they will be done tonight.  Considering it is only scraps of linen and perle thread from stash this has turned out well.
And I made a start on A Sampler Chatelaine
Yes I put the date on as I think this will be done before year's end although now I am stitching an abundance of Queen Stitches the pace has slowed.   There is a metal acorn button to sew in the white gap of the top Oak Leaf band -  when all is completed.  Short rows and a variety of stitches make this an interesting project but I doubt that I will ever wear this chatelaine hanging around my neck as the designer intended.   Back of the curio cabinet perhaps?   A curio it certainly is -  why would the boxer have partly floral pants and be holding a strawberry??  
Apart from sending out applications for work, I have been sewing ( a new summer dress) and reading.   This week is going slowly but the weather is not suitable for outdoor pursuits.


Anna van Schurman said...

Have you never heard of the fancy-pants strawberry boxer? Sorry, got a bit of a head cold and I'm a little punchy. Lovely start on the chatelaine. I remember going to the big stitching conventions in the early 90s and lots of women were wearing their chatelaines. It did take a certain something to pull it off, and I'm not sure everyone had it. ;-)

Chris said...

Your stitching is exquisite, that hardanger amazing.. something I have never tackled. I have enjoyed reading about you and your mum in NZ.. I read back so feel I now know you. And what a great idea the fabric bomb is... I shall pop back to see how you are doing.. you're just coming into your summer, while with us winter has stopped creeping up on us and is now full pelt hitting us with cold wet windy days..
I could be stitching my Chatelaine but I put it at the bottom of my WIPs basket and am stitching something a lot easier.. although at the moment I have the knitting bug after visiting Yarndale last September, so no xstitching for a while.
Happy Stitching

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

The hardanger needlecase is beautiful--just goes to show the potential of a scrap piece of linen, pearl cotton and skills from a needlework can become

Queeniepatch said...

The Hardanger on your little needle case is just as beautiful as the Hardanger on your blog title.
It is good to add a year on a project so we know it will be finished before Jan 1 next year!

Blu said...

The Hardanger finish is so pretty! And the chatelaine is off to a great start.

Karoline said...

Your needlecase is gorgeous and the chatelaine is lovely.

Pamela said...

Beautiful needlecase! I love hardanger and really should do more of it! I like the idea of chatelaines more than the actual use of them. I look forward to seeing more of this project.