Monday, 18 August 2014

Knitting needles and sewing needles

Last week I made a determined effort to finish my knitted socks.   Having now dug a deep hole in my left forefinger, I can confirm that these fair hands have completed a pair of identical socks.   There was some worry at the commencement of sock two as to whether these would be identical or fraternal twins - but all is well.
And the turned heels are not bad for a first effort either.
So I cross another item off the list, put the double pointed knitting needles away safely and proceed with..... Sewing hexagons.   Now I am digging a hole in my right hand middle finger!
I completed the machine sewing on the Fabric Bomb bag and have only the pesky hand sewing to do.
While my sewing machine was out I did a couple of mending jobs and exerted considerable self restraint in not starting one of my planned  dressmaking projects.   There are still several weeks to summer so dressmaking is not high on the list of priorities.
Over the weekend I purchased the hardware for The Mermaids Chest and also a couple of small silver fish to hang inside it.   But I have promised myself a holiday from The Chest for a week and so found some fine linen in my stash to make another Christmas ornament.   If my mathematics is correct this one will fit inside a Tim Holtz pocket watch and find a place on my own tree.   Fingers crossed that calculations are correct.
I think this linen is fine enough to try out a biscornu from Yvette Stanton's Sardinian Knotted Embroidery book.
These plans should see this week filled and then it will be back to building chests for mermaids.  With all the materials to hand there is no real excuse for not completing this by the end of the month.  Watch this space.


  1. Knitting with dpns isn't much fun. i prefer using a tiny circular - though that's not ideal either even though they are for sock knitting. Your bag is looking great. Have a good week.

  2. You are very good about finishing things. The socks are so well done. And I love that bag! Have a great week stitching something small.

  3. the socks are so lovely..
    and i love the bag so much too..
    sweet hugs x

  4. The socks look so great and the bag is just so cute!

  5. I 've now read all your posts and love all your needleworks and some embroidery projects specially. The socks and the bag are just great. Best wishes Jaana

  6. Your socks are great and I love your Japanese bag. Congratulations on finishing the stitching on your Mermaids chest