Saturday, 23 August 2014

Done and part done

Spring flowers from my garden.
This morning I went to Fabric-A-Brac for the first time.   Anticipating a massive selection of fabrics to tempt me beyond endurance I gaily sallied forth, found a car park way up the top of a steep hill and eagerly bounded down.   My what a crowd!   Round and round and round I went looking at the selection of goods available.   Wallet had obviously listened well to my stern instructions and didn't even open her mouth!   So I climbed back up the steep hill, empty handed but happy to have been a part of this and who knows maybe my raffle ticket will come out tops and I will win the hand quilted bed cover??
Today we have half a happy dance;-) The Fabric Bomb bag is completed.  This is what I received and how I used (or not used them)
2 one yard pieces of Japanese Yukata fabric - the inside and outside of the bag
2 cotton fat quarters -  the kimono and part of the obi
1 small piece Japanese silk -  part of the obi
1 vintage whitework handkerchief -  the white neck of the lady
1 packet John James Twin point needles - uh uh
Petite Frosty Rays -  all of these threads were braided together for the obidome
DMC Perle cotton #3 colour 798
DMC Perle cotton #5 colour 334
Needle Necessities Spring II colour 358
Quilters Yardage Card -  uh uh 
2 Star Buttons -  the hair decoration
One yard of lace trim - uh uh
3 pieces ribbon -  the sky stripes
Mill Hill Beads colour 62034 -  the sky stripes
Embroiderers Guild of America Charm -  I'm keeping this for myself!!
Please excuse the dark photograph,  it's the best I can do this time of night.   I added the handles from stash.   What do you think?   I have done a happy dance.
Another Christmas ornament is finished and tonight I hope to construct this into a flat padded ornament tonight.   I was impressed that my LNS had the necessary small gold star.   I like this cute ornament..
And now I must go and undo the mistakes in the HD3QBEM's knitting.   She has some necessary mending out for me to do too.   Oops -  another busy night!


  1. Really incredible! You are one creative lady. Great job!

  2. I think the handles are a perfect match and the bag looks great. Spring flowers - how lovely Margaret.

  3. Quel beau médaillon!il est adorable.
    Amicalement de France

  4. Well done, it looks amazing!! And well done on keeping your purse closed, I'm very bad at that.