Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Flat Pack Mermaid's Chest

We have the beginnings of a Happy Dance.   Stitching on The Mermaid's Chest is now complete and it is now in the "flat pack" stage.  
Next, I need to read the instructions very carefully, visit my LNS to purchase the necessary hardware and then construction can begin.   Meanwhile all pieces are folded carefully in a box and I am continuing on with another WIP.   I did change the verse spacing and I changed the U to look more rounded than pointed - although the floss is called Stormy Skies it certainly looks like the deep blue of the sea. Fiona found the source of the quotation for me
The quote is taken from a letter written by Elizabethan explorer James Lancaster to The East India Company...Right Worshipful, what hath passed in this voyage, and what trades I have settled for this company, and what other events have befallen us, you shall understand by the bearers hereof, to whom (as occasion hath fallen) I must refer you. I will strive with all diligence to save my ship, and her goods, as you may perceive, by the course I take in venturing my own life, and those that are with me. I cannot tell where you should look for me, if you send any pinnace to seek me, because I live at the devotion of the wind and the seas. And thus fare you well, desiring God to send us a merry meeting in this world, if it be his good will and pleasure.
Thanks Fiona.   I am thinking of printing off the explanation on a small card and tucking it into one of the pockets in the hope that when I am gone or gaga, my relations will not think I had a less than adequate grasp of poetry!
Now, I am back with the hexagons and making flowers.  Nothing too exciting here but the precise geometry gladdens my heart.
Tonight I plan on starting Sock Number 2.   Our winter is almost over but I need this project out of the way so onward and upward...  There will always be another winter and global warming will never have sufficient impact in my lifetime for me to say goodbye to woolly socks.
And all the while I dream of what I will do next -  Christmas Ornaments ???   Whitework Biscornu ???  or Something Else From Stash ???  
Enjoy your evening as I will mine


  1. wow beautiful stitches..i love them so much..
    sweet hugs x

  2. Wonderful quote/passage to go with your fantastic Mermaid's Chest. Can't wait to see it all constructed!

  3. Dreaming of what to do next is such good fun. Your verse comment made me smile Margaret.

  4. I was so happy and impressed that Fiona found that quote. I think it's a great idea to keep it with the box too. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one all constructed.

  5. Everyday I look at hexie projects --think its time I started one