Thursday, 3 July 2014

Well I never ....

My friend Kathy laughed at me when I told her and I can hear the chortles of many who read this!

 Recently I embarked on Peter May's detective/mystery series in which Enzo MacLeod  solves previously cold cases  and wins the hearts of so many French maidens, visits Michelin star restaurants, vineyards, exotic countries, is reunited with his estranged daughter and has altogether too many adventures.   I am engrossed.   There are to be seven books in the series and I have impatiently read numbers one through four.   A request to the library and they obliged with book five and then to my utter astonishment I found there was no book six or seven yet written! Alas,alack.  What to do?  Even Peter May's website provided no satisfaction.   But it did have a contact me button on which, with no expectation of a reply, I left the following message.

When will number 6 and number 7 be available.   I am holding my breath with anticipation so you may have another murder on your hands when I expire from waiting !

Kathy laughed and teased me when I told her.   She may even have thought me a little mad?
So can you imagine the surprise and delight when today's email brought me a reply from Enzo himself!
Peter May / 

9:58 PM (21 hours ago)

Dear Margaret,

Hoping to get that slacker Peter May to finish the final instalment of my biography some time next year!

Best wishes,


I' m not sure if I love Enzo but this exchange sure made my day and Peter May isn't too bad either!


  1. WOW--that's pretty cool! Will add these books o my summer reading program

  2. I love it, well done you! Hadn't heard of Enzo but can recommend his other series set in the Hebrides, with Fin McLeod .

  3. That is so cool! What a great guy.

    I get alot of proof copies of children's books through my job. My son spotted an error in one where the illustration did not match the text. We got a lovely email back from the author explaining how that had happened and thanking us for noticing it.