Friday, 4 July 2014

Half a roof, half a cottage and a whole fairy.

This week has been full of interruptions and plans gone awry.  At least the HD3QBEM is feeling better and now able to wash and dry the breakfast dishes so I am not late for work of a morning!
The Needlebook is finished and I even fond a tiny pair of scissors to put into it.
My Cottage has half a roof.  I used my new Clover Awl to make a hole for the eyelet and was so happy when it worked well.   Scrabbling through my fabric stash I found some gorgeous cream silk duponi which will make an excellent lining for this cottage.   My that does sound luxurious -  stitched in silk and lined in silk!  Hopefully over the weekend I am going to get the Cottage itself constructed and then I can check the fit of the roof.
Christmas is coming so I took time to iron on Giggle Cloth to these printed squares.   I have plans for these and if all the ingredients are ready then construction will be simple....I hope.   Note, these are not technically a new start just a preparation.
Some time ago, Kris sent me a stitched Fairy.   Last night I finished her into a small Christmas Tree ornament.   She is cute and will look good on the top of my tree.   Thank you once again.
Next is the Naxos for which I have all the ingredients.
So busy week it may have been but some small progress has been made.


  1. Wow everything is just so beautiful
    Big hugs x

  2. I'm glad your mom is feeling better. Beautiful stitching and so much progress!

  3. It all looks wonderful! Can't wait to see the finished cottage.

  4. that's a cute needlebook! How do the scissors come out with the tab over the handles?

  5. Your little needlebook is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the cottage put together too.