Friday, 18 July 2014

Baby blue and girly pink...

I have returned to The Mermaid's Chest now and am working on the stitched lining.   The linen is as close as I can get to that specified and the floss is exactly as the designer ordered.   Strange colours for a mermaid don't you think?
I have both ends done and the respective pockets.   Next the sides and their pockets while I think about what I will do for the base.
Here is what the instructions say ( a photo of a photocopy) - I don't like the way the letters are spaced unnaturally so that they peek out between the ropes.   Either ropes or lettering, but not both I think.  Any suggestions?   Can you even read the verse?   I feel like offering a prize to any who can as I think it is such an unintelligible puzzle.
Our rain had gone and we had three days of near freezing temperatures and clear skies and just as we enter the weekend we get....rain again.   I am baking a batch of Cranberry, Chocolate and Pumpkin Seed Cookies tonight -  the oven will keep the room warm and I can get a head start on my weekend chores.   Little Sister is coming to visit tomorrow and the HD3QBEM likes to have home cooking to eat with "crystal tea".   Strangely enough the females in our family only drink hot water (although I am known to have decaffeinated coffee when out) and as requests for this are always greeted with strange looks I coined the phrase Crystal Tea.   Even though an explanation is still required, people seem to accept it better than"just Hot Water please" ;-)
Tomorrow is Embroiderers' Guild and I am looking forward to that.


  1. Oh Margaret, I don't know how you can drink hot water - I'm a confirmed "tea jenny" as you know. Decaf is very commonly requested over here - I never drink coffee mind you and would never drink decaf tea. We are all so different are we not?

  2. I squinted and think it says "I cannot tell where you should look for me because I live at the devotion of the winds and seas" Not sure about devotion though!! I don't like the ropes to be honest, I think they detract from the lovely font.

    I'm definitely a coffee drinker! White with one sugar,

  3. I love this project! You stitch so many counted thread pieces that I like!. I agree - either ropes or words, but not both and the letters need to be more evenly spaced.
    The cookies sound very delicious! I am a coffee with milk drinker, but I also like Earl Grey tea.

  4. Maragret, I thoroughly enjoy your blog - my apologies for being a geek...I thought the quote sounded quite historical and went surfing. It wasn't easy to find but the quote is taken from a letter written by Elizabethan explorer James Lancaster to The East India Company...Right Worshipful, what hath passed in this voyage, and what trades I have settled for this company, and what other events have befallen us, you shall understand by the bearers hereof, to whom (as occasion hath fallen) I must refer you. I will strive with all diligence to save my ship, and her goods, as you may perceive, by the course I take in venturing my own life, and those that are with me. I cannot tell where you should look for me, if you send any pinnace to seek me, because I live at the devotion of the wind and the seas. And thus fare you well, desiring God to send us a merry meeting in this world, if it be his good will and pleasure.

    1. Thank you so much Fiona for finding out about the quote. It is lovely to know more about Margaret's project. Fascinating to learn there is a historical basis for the quote.