Sunday, 16 February 2014

This week....

This week I made a mouse -  well both sides of a mouse!   February's ornament is this delightful mouse shape.   Such fun to stitch and hopefully easy to construct.   I used scraps of 28 count cashel linen, DMC threads and odd beads from stash.   A mouse freebie you might say - stitched from the chart in the JCS Christmas 2012 issue.  Here' s the front and back.

It was Embroiderers Guild meeting yesterday but we had a Sashiko Workshop so no chance to do any of my 'Guild Project' .   Instead I made an effort through the week to make progress on 'Ring O Roses' which I chose for this year's project.  No visible evidence of roses yet but at least a couple of the alphabet letters have appeared.   I am stitching the letters in dark navy and the rest in a beautiful cranberry shade of Threadworks floss.
The three sides of the hardanger sewing pod are now put together as separate units.   Each needs twisted cord around the edges and then to be joined into a pod.   Hopefully this week!
Pamela was asking how my hexagons are progressing.   Slowly but surely.   I find I am interrupted in these by other clamouring stitching projects and many dropped stitches from the HD3QBEM's knitting.  I have 140 precut hexagons and will continue to tack up until these run out at which stage I will begin to join them together.   I want a completely random "granny's quilt" type look so don't want to begin the joining too early.
Am I alone in finding evenings short after a day at work?   Despite finishing promptly at 5pm, by the time I have an hour at the gym, water the garden, cook dinner and wash up there are not all that many minutes until it is time for bed.   I don't want more days in the week -  just a couple of extra hours in my evening.   Is that really too much to ask?
Hope the week ahead is better than the last one.   Off to get dinner preparations under way now....


  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished mouse. And the hardanger is going to be so pretty...

  2. Beautiful progress on many projects. I'm very interested in the hardanger sewing pod. What is a pod? The hexagon fabrics will make a nice table runner. I know what you mean about a few extra hours in the evening. Even though I have many more hours than I had when I worked full time, I still need/want more.

  3. Yes it would be good to have more time to craft Margaret. Working full time doesn't leave a lot of spare hours but you do well with the limited time you have - you fit in such varied projects. The little mouse design is very clever, it will look good finished. Have a good week.

  4. Love how the sewing pod is coming along.

    Dear Margaret, you have given me great hope. As your days grow shorter it can only mean that our interminable winter is nearing a warm ending. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Consider your shortened days "taking one for the team." Cheers! :)

  5. Gorgeous progress. The sewing pod is going to be amazing.
    I want a couple more hours each night too.

  6. Cute mouse design. I am looking forward to both this and the pod being made up.
    You could eat off paper plates and save washing up...

  7. Cute finishes and your 'pod' is going to look stunning.
    If you find a way of adding some extra hours into the evening can you let me know :/