Saturday, 8 February 2014

I'm on a roll...

This week I decided that I needed to actually construct my finishes so retrieved the Acorn Sewing Roll.   Three times I read the instructions and three times they made little sense.   There was no picture, no diagram, no sketch and temporarily I thought, no hope!   However I decided to go it my way and the roll is now complete. 
Well it needs a good press and since the photo I have made a hedebo loop and sewn on a pearl bead for the closure.  

I made an elasticated pocket inside and since this will live in "the cabinet" I opted for no scissors, tape measure etc.   Already there are too many hermit scissors in my cabinet!   I am well pleased with this roll.
Tonight I started the construction of the Hardanger Sewing Pod and hopefully this week will get that completed.   I need to buy another two litre container of ice cream as the plastic lid is needed for the stiffener in the pod.   We don't have ice cream in this house unless there are guests so I rarely get ice cream containers. (Sorry but I don't fit the statistic that every New Zealander eats 18 litres of ice cream a year - I probably only have 250grams!)   However in the interests of embroidery, I will transfer the ice cream to another container and leave it in the freezer, so freeing up a plastic lid for my pod.   Weird?
The hardanger tassel is now complete.   I like this one - colour and construction -  so will I be able to part with it?  
Today the HD3QBEM and I went out to a local beach.  
It was fun to sit in the sun and watch all the activity going on around us.   The ice cream van came singing along the street but we nobly resisted these unwanted calories and instead I opted for this
Noble of me n'est pas?


  1. Gorgeous, Margaret, well done for puzzling out the finishing. Mm, that Hardanger tassel would be a struggle to give away!

  2. Gorgeous finishing. I was watching a programme the other day about ice cream and NZ'ers eating gallons of it. Rachael was asking me about one type they mentioned but I can't remember what it was. It was the second most popular in NZ and had a funny (to us) name.

  3. Beautiful! The Hardanger tassel is stunning.

  4. As always Margaret your finished pieces are so impressive. How far do you have to go to get to such a lovely beach? It looks like a relaxing place to be.

  5. The roll turned out lovely...sometimes the finishing can be challenging, to say the least.

  6. Your finishing is beautiful as ever. I wish I was close enough to help with your ice-cream problems. You would soon have enough lids to make many, many things!

  7. I love the acorn sewing roll! Wonderful finishing.

  8. Beautiful stitching & finishing of the Acorn Roll.
    It is so lovely to see it, I have the chart too, I don´t look forward to making the finishing, so you give me hope:):)
    Lovely photos of sunny weather!

  9. Your Acorn Roll is gorgeous as well as the tassel, congratulations