Sunday, 11 August 2013


My weekend has been spent sewing.   A start has been made on 'the dress' - well on the calico mock up to check for fit.   Measure, cut,  stitch, try on and then get the HD3QBEM to pin and mark where adjustments need to be made.   Whatever was I thinking of??   However,we managed and although calico #1 had to be unpicked and remade into calico #2 we hit the jackpot then and I have the sizing right now for the bodice.   I plan on making up a calico for the skirt this week and then it should be onwards and upwards to the finish line.   My "dowager hump" created problems in fitting the upper back and I have decided to place the zip in the side seam and eliminate the ups and downs from the rigidity of that in a centre back seam.   Here's a shot - wrinkles and all.
Last night I worked some more on the canvas work.   The rhythm and counting are great but having to choose colours and fit them into a coherent blend is not my forte at all.   Here's a progress shot.   There's another two shades of blue to go in which should help temper the mauve/wine dominance.
And the Scotland band of the UK Trip Book is coming along.   This week I plan on getting the left half filled -  a loch and a forest of Douglas Fir trees.   Such fun this sampler, although it doesn't stifle the "hardanger-itis" which is consuming me!
I want to make a small hardanger clutch purse.   Which of my many patterns shall I choose.  Can you guess that for many years I have wanted to do hardanger and that almost all patterns/charts become necessities?  Well they did until common sense prevailed and I decided that I already had enough!   Linen will be no problem as I have that in abundance too :-)
And so another busy week starts. 


  1. You certainly accomplished a lot this weekend. Maybe you didn't sleep?
    I'm very impressed with your sewing skills. If ever I were to make a dress (which I don't imagine I will), I wouldn't have the patience to make a mock up first, let alone change the location of the zipper!
    The canvas and over one cross stitch are coming along nicely. I recognize several of the Hardanger books in your collection. Maybe I'll take a look at one of mine. Just look...

  2. I don't have the patience for sewing these days - doing a mock up will make the final result just right. Your comment about your hump made me smile, getting older doesn't come itself as my mum says.

  3. You are certainly multi-talented! My mother used to make a lot of my clothes when I was a kid, but I can only do very basic things. Nothing like a dress though. You will have to model it for us when it is finished. :)

    I feel that way now with Hardanger. I'm forcing myself to stick with what I have and the many freebies on Nordic Needle's website for now. I'm not sure how long that will last though. ;)

  4. Great progress on wonderful projects. I like the rhythm of the stitching canvas work like your piece too. I think that the colors look great!

  5. beautiful progress on lovely projects..
    big hugs x

  6. Great progress! That sampler is so cute.

  7. Great progress on all your projects, the canvaswork is looking lovely