Sunday, 4 August 2013

And the current attempts are ...

Currently I have three pieces of needlework on the go, as it were.   Some are more go than others!
I am attempting a small sampler piece of Florentine work for the NNMSAL.   So far so good but it is not love at first sight.   An old friend of the HD3QBEM gave me some Anchor and Bucilla threads - "I know you like needlework dear"  -  so I am using them up on this sampler square.
Then the next attempt is at canvas work.   My father bought a roll of several metres of #18 mono canvas many many years ago.   Well he died 22 years ago and it was well before that!   Said roll has been languishing in my cupboard all these years so I have retrieved it, together with wool threads from an abortive attempt at crewel work many years ago.   Hopefully these will come together into a zipped purse.  
And I have returned to the UK Trip book.   The castles of Ireland have defeated me at the moment so I moved on to Scotland.   A little sky, a little loch, a little lettering and some thistles.  Not too much to show for some hours of work but I am enjoying this.
The HD3QBEM has been conscientiously knitting and had several cardigans that needed buttons to achieve completion so yesterday we went to visit a small, cramped, severely overstocked haberdashery cum fabric store.   Buttons aplenty there and so cheap.   Some were even priced in pounds shillings and pence but New Zealand went decimal in July 1967 so these were definitely old stock.   I was intrigued at the number of sequinned decoration pieces with which the walls were "papered"; you can see them at the back in this quick snapshot taken on my phone.
I will definitely be going back there to rummage through the fabrics as I can see cheap summer dresses from among the cotton lawn, viscose and sateen he had in stock.
Well that has been our weekend here - apart form the usual chores and a fair amount of time spent on my new toy, time waster, iPad!  Hope you all have a great week.


  1. The Florentine band is really pretty, and the wools you've chosen for the canvas are so pretty together! The UK WIP is doing great - I really admire your very tiny stitches on that piece! The shop looks amazing - the kind of mish-mash that can turn up unexpected treasures :) It looks to me like maybe the pieces on the back wall are sequin appliques, for costumes and such? They look a little large for that but I've seen some motifs sold as yardage that you then cut apart into smaller pieces.

  2. Margaret I am amazed at your self control in only having 3 pieces on the go. All a lovely and I will look forward to seeing your progress. Keep warm and dry. Carol from chilly Sth Australia

  3. The trip book cover is coming right along. I'm sure the book's contents will be as interesting as the cover.
    I love shops like that - which is probably why I have so much "miscellaneous" in my stash.

  4. Shops like that are fascinating, it's like taking a step back in time. I like your florentine start, as you know it's a stitch I enjoy. I somehow don't see you enjoying canvas work as your projects are usually so fine.

  5. aww pretty shops...i love shop like these..
    sending you hugs x

  6. aww pretty stitches too..
    big hugs x

  7. Wow, # very different projects. Gorgeous stitches.

  8. They are all looking lovely, I like the colours for tour canvas work

  9. The old anchor threads looks gorgeous together and I look forward to seeing more of this piece. Can't wait to see the canvas piece either. I love the colours you picked out. Using up your old stash is always a gratifying feeling. That little store looks like it is crammed full of interesting things. :)