Thursday, 15 August 2013

Scotland is conquered and I'm off to Ireland!

A mountain covered in heather and Douglas Fir later, I have completed the Scotland portion of the Trip Book cover.   Wasn't it amazing that the Anchor blue ombre thread so kindly formed a cloud for me ?!   This has been fun to do - even though my eyes are rather tired and I may have developed a semi permanent squint!  And so I need to go back to Ireland and finish their castles!
I have made an appointment to visit the optometrist next month and will get new "ordinary" spectacles as well as new "embroidery" spectacles.   From past experience I know this will be fraught with all sorts of difficulties - how can I choose frames well when I haven't got my spectacles on to see them?  Then there is the wait!   My lenses are made by Zweiss in Germany and take forever a long time to arrive back here in New Zealand, by which time I have forgotten what the chosen frames look like and there is always a moment of dismay when I try the completed spectacles on and think "did I choose these?"
My canvas work is progressing but I am no more in love with it now than I was at the beginning.   However in saying that I am pleased I have made the effort to try this technique - even if I never repeat it.  Working with wool and with a stiff canvas is proving hard on my fingers and thumbs so I am not able to speed along on this one.   I tried out a different colour in the top left corner but I don't like it so out it will come.
While prodding plodding along on the canvas work, I had an inspiration on what to do with the "two sides" I had made of Judy O'Dells Jewellery Box.   Judy decided midway to call a halt on this project, so I was left with two pieces and no inspiration till now.   But I only need a zipper, some doctors flannel, some suitable lining fabric and some time and voila this will be another finish.  Watch this space.
In the weekend I have promised to take the HD3QBEM shopping but hope to find time to do some sewing as well.  The bottom half of 'The Dress' needs to be done and I have two lengths of fabric to make into skirts. Ah -  so many projects so little time!  The floral piece will be a basic skirt to wear with a cotton T shirt but I am undecided on how to treat the striped silk.   I bought this fabric in Adelaide 8 or 9 years ago and have never been able to decide on what to wear with it. Perhaps this time I have the solution as am knitting a lacy cotton top in the turquoise/aqua but am keeping my eyes open for a duponi silk to match the wine/plum stripe.  If you see me lurking in fabric shops with a scrap of silk you'll know why!
And as I have a good book to read, I am off to soak my aching muscles and curl up in bed.   Good night all.


  1. Good luck with the new glasses. Scotland looks great! Great progress on all your projects.

  2. I agree with you about so many projects, so little time. I will be watching to see what two sides of the jewelry box finishes into!

  3. New glasses has not been a good experience for me recently - I've spent a ridiculous amount of money and can't wear any of the glasses I've been prescribed. I even went to a different optician and I'm no further forward. I hope you have a much more positive experience Margaret. I love your floral fabric.

  4. beautiful progress..i love them x

  5. I know what you mean about needing embroidery glasses. My optometrist tells me I don't "need" any for normal every day tasks, but there is no way I could stitch without them.

    Scotland looks wonderful! Good for you for sticking to the canvas piece. It's never easy when you're not enjoying it. I look forward to seeing your skirts. :)

  6. Love that the cloud formed over Scotland! Perfect.

  7. Scotland is super!

    I know what you mean about the glasses, somewhat. Good luck with them!

  8. Your book cover is looking lovely, great progress

    Good luck with the glasses

  9. Your book cover is coming along very nicely. I don't have separate lenses/specs for sewing etc, I just use a big magnifying glass surrounded by a daylight bulb. Works a wonder. :-)