Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cross eyed from cross stitch!

Much as I am enjoying England and can't wait to stitch the beautiful thatched cottage, over one stitching on this fine fabric has turned me cross eyed!  
So I explored my stash and decided to create another hardanger tassel with remnants of this 28 count Picture This Plus Cashel Linen (named chalice) and some DMC perle thread (colour number 402). There is one more panel and seemingly endless eyelets before I can cut these and join them together.
This project is very restful on the eyes even if not in my favourite colour.  As economical as always, I have fitted all six pieces on to one end of the linen, leaving plenty of space for future projects.
My new skirt has its hem stitched up and can now be deemed completed.   I am so very pleased with the fit of this one.   All those hours at the gym must have paid off and a regular sewing pattern required no alteration - except on length!   And no, I am not going to model it.
Well what next?
Complete the other half England band of the Book Cover -  a beautiful thatched cottage and another oak tree.
Complete the Hardanger Tassel
Select another Christmas ornament - there is an abundance of choice in my stash!
Continue to work on the Naxos Necessaire
That's enough to be going on with I think.


  1. Beautiful fabric for your skirt and love your England book cover -- so pretty. and the tassels - WOW!

  2. Love the England wip. I use to live in England on the Lakenheath AFB from 1993 to 1997 , only regret is that I would have been interested in stitching cottages back then. I would give anything to go there and find some now.oh well, always ebay I

  3. Great stitching projects...and a lovely skirt!

  4. This blog post was a tease! I want to see the cottage, the completed tassel, and you in the skirt!

  5. You have so much going on Margaret, you get through a lot of crafting - over one is such a trial, I can't get to grips with it at all.

  6. Great job! And very thrift. I don't think I would have though to fit all the pieces on the fabric like that.

  7. Great job on the over one stitching. England is really coming along. I look forward to seeing the thatched cottage.

    I love how you find ways to use up scraps or small pieces of left-over fabric. Can't wait to see the tassel finished off. :)

  8. How multitalented you are! I love the over one project. Do you find yourself dreaming about your trip as you stitch?

  9. You've some lovely projects on the go, the tassel is looking gorgeous.

  10. Your tassel looks very pretty it has a lovely summery look. Your book cover is coming along nicely.