Saturday, 11 May 2013

Where does the time go?

Goodness it is May already!   This year is flying by and today I crossed off another two items on my To Do list - planted the last of my daffodil bulbs and put away the last of my summer clothes into the camphorwood chest.  
On the stitching front I have
1. Completed my May page for the NMMSAL -  a type of drawn thread and lace work
2. Started a small piece of Fisherton De La Mer.   So far only the locked back stitch to which I will need to add square eyelets and wrapped bullion bars.   Watch this space!   I enjoy the mathematical precision of this technique but once again I have ended up with tone on tone.   What disease do I have that I always choose these combinations?
3. Completed a small bag - a Lauren Sauer design which was supposed to be stitched in red.   I used Waterlilies Dark Shadow silk floss which is a very deep navy/ purple.   I'm rather pleased with how this turned out - even though at times I found the constant back stitch tedious.  
One side is strawberries and the other acorns.  There was supposed to be a scissor rest and a scissor fob.   I opted not to do either -  how many bag-scissor-pinkeep-needlebook combinations do I really need?   So I stopped at the bag only.   The pattern for the scissor rest is intriguing though and I may relent and try that later on.
4. Completed a book cover -  a gift for a friend.
I have only one project on the go at the moment so will allow myself the pleasure of choosing another from my stash -  perhaps a sampler?   I feel the need for some variety of stitches.
But I have a huge pile of books beside my bed and those wonderful words "in transit" on six of the books on my library request list.   I'm chuckling my way through The Rosie Project at the moment and the HD3QBEM is listening to yet another E V Thompson book on her Talking Book machine. 
We are promised yet another fine day tomorrow for Mothers' Day and my sister and her husband are coming for dinner.


  1. All of your work is beautiful, but the bag is especially nice. I took a class with Lauren Sauer about 15 years ago-I can't believe it was so long ago!
    Enjoy the day with your family tomorrow!

  2. Your projects look amazing. Your black work back is simply stunning, I wish you lived closer so I could see all your beautiful stitching in person. Maybe if you ever do get to visit Scotland we could get together.

  3. Beautiful pieces especially the design by Lauren Sauer--hard to beat tone on tone

  4. wow very pieces..i love them so much..
    lots of love for you x

  5. Oh wow Margaret!! I adore your needlework. That blackwork purse is something really special!

  6. The three pieces are just lovely Margaret - I like the details on the pouch, it's very dramatic looking in the dark thread.

  7. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Wow Margaret! How do you get so much done so quickly!?! You must be one fast stitcher. :)Everything is stunning! I love the page for NMMSAL and the bag is very pretty.