Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rhubarb and Scottish Terriers

At present the only edible produce from my garden is rhubarb.   Melody had a particularly interesting looking recipe for a loaf on her blog recently so last night I went to bed with the fragrance of newly baked loaf wafting on the air.   A keeper this one, although I am the only one in this house who enjoys rhubarb so it will only be made occasionally.
Next weekend I will be away and wanted to take a small something to stitch.  With that in mind I looked out the Cricket Collection Terrier ornament and made a start -  well a substantial start really.   No stitching on this tonight or it will be finished before the weekend even arrives.
This will end up a mitten shape and I am enjoying this one very much.   Have you seen the new Cricket Collection Alphabet Letters -  I am so far resisting temptation but may not be able to hold out permanently :-)
Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.


  1. The ornament is cute! I can see why it is hard to put down.

  2. Ohh Rhubarb! That bread looks yummy!
    I love your start, great colors.

  3. The ornament is very cute. The cake looks yummy

  4. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    sweet ornament..
    hugs x

  5. I gave in and bought the alphabet charts Margaret - I don't know why as I am currently struggling to stitch.

  6. Cute pup! The bread does look really yummy. How did it taste?

  7. Cute ornament and your rhubarb loaf looks yummy.