Saturday, 18 May 2013

Embroidery Day and UK Trip Book Progress

Last night I managed a start on my UK Trip Book cover.   The extreme top right hand side will eventually become clearer as the White Cliffs of Dover.   Beneath that is the first of two English Oaks.   Tired though my eyes might get with this very fine work, I am enjoying dreaming of all I shall see and do as I cross the floss.   Last night 'Restoration Man' was a most interesting programme on the conversion of a Kentish Oast House into a modern mansion.   Dare I add Kent to my list?
This afternoon I went to my local Guild meeting and had great fun catching up with others and checking on what they were doing.  Amazingly many of them were knitting today!   We have just had a President's Challenge and the theme was flowers.   I took a snap shot of the display, the President's Choice and my choice - in that order.

The Show and Tell table had quite a few items this time.   One amazing piece was the tetrahedron pyramid.  As it was all done in machine embroidery I wasn't tempted to try this at home but was amazed that anyone could have this idea.   It was to be entered in a competition "Views of Tamaki" and as you can see each mini pyramid had a view.
The Chicken Scratch in the foreground is a taste of the mini workshop at next month's Guild meeting.  It was introduced as Amish Stitchery - doesn't that name sound better than Scratch?
One of our older members had participated in the Mystery Sampler run over the past months to raise money for the Embroidery Conference to be held in Auckland in 2016.  That's her finished sampler on the left.    I hate mystery samplers so didn't participate.   If I want a mystery give me a book: in my embroidery I want to see the end from the beginning.   But I must admit the finished product looked great.
And apart from a little grocery shopping, a little gardening and a little cooking that was my day.
I'm now going to enjoy some reading before I cook dinner.
Which of the books from my pile shall I start next?


  1. That is a very fine start! Over one stitching is definitely not my cup of tea, but it always looks very nice.

    The flowery pieces are all very nice, and I especially like your favourite as well.

    I have a piece of fabric in my stash with the hopes of someday trying out Chicken Scratch/Amish Stitchery. My Great Aunt made a tablecloth with it many years ago and it always intrigued me.

  2. Wow it's a very sweet start...
    Yup the flowery piece are very sweet
    Sending you lots of love x

  3. Oh you are brave doing a whole design over one - I just can't get to grips with it at all. Lots of lovely work in your Guild. As far as choosing a book it would have to be "A Stitch In Time".

  4. You are off to a great start on your trip book cover. The over one is beautiful. What is the overall size of the cover?
    Thank you for sharing your guild meetings and the show and tell pictures. That is one thing I miss here. I like seeing what other people are working on. Even if it is not something I want to do myself, I can still appreciate it.

  5. Great start on your book cover & there were some interesting pieces in your guild exhibitions.

    I would go with a Stitch in Time vol2. I was lucky enough to go to the launch at my LYS and saw a lot of the garments from the book in the flesh with the result that I want to knit almost everything in the book

  6. I agree with your choice!
    "It was introduced as Amish Stitchery - doesn't that name sound better than Scratch?" Well, to me, here in Pennsylvania with our large Amish population, it entirely depends on how you are pronouncing Amish. My FIL and his girlfriend insisted on "aim-ish" rather than "Ahm-ish" and it drove me insane! Chicken scratch would work better for me! ;)

  7. Your oak trees are growing steadily. Thanks for sharing the flowers, I might agree with your choice. Enjoy whichever book you choose.

  8. Ooh, I love your stack of books! Which one did you pick? Right now I'm reading No Name, which I see in your stack. I wasn't sure what I would think of it but it's actually pretty good so far!

  9. Great start on your book cover. Kent is known as "The Garden of England" so you really should include it in your itinerary.

    Love the pyramid too, great display idea.

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