Saturday, 12 January 2013

What a week this has been!

Coming back to work after a holiday is always hard labour isn't it?   I finally caught up on Friday afternoon so hopefully next week will go smoothly.
On the home front all was equally as busy.   My sister and her husband came for a meal on their way home after a holiday up north.   We had a great time catching up and I managed to sit and stitch while they were here.   Tonight my niece and her husband are coming for a meal so don't you think I can be forgiven for feeling as if I have spent too long in the kitchen??
Never fear, I have managed to find time with my needle and from last week's goals can truthfully say that this is the status quo as of this afternoon
Complete construction on two Christmas Ornaments - Done
Finish two bands on the Assisi page for my NMMSAL -  Will complete the last one tonight
Sort out projects for this month - Done
Kit up and bag a project to take to Embroiderers' Guild meetings - Not yet

But I did one item not on the list!!   My Hari Kuyo Needlebook is completed. 
Allow me a few moments of satisfaction while I show you these photos.....

 These small bead-like appendages were actually made by moi - from Japanese fabric and cover a knot on the rich purple Japanese cord which came on a package of delicious Japanese kinako mochi cakes.
 The pages inside are supposed to be a true rainbow of woollen felt but this needlebook was made from what I had on hand so we are not a true rainbow.
 The small Bohin scissors came as a gift from Amy and the fob was originally on a gift from a friend at the company where I worked previously.  It is exactly right for this book!
And although no needles were harmed in the making of this book one wore out and so has been laid gently in the "honourable hard work" page.

In the rules of the Christmas Ornament SAL the photos must be posted on pre-ordained days so I cannot show you anything but a teaser of the two I have completed.   Watch this space.
Tonight my favourite TV programmes will be set to record and while Anita and Neil are here I hope to complete the Assisi page for my NMMSAL
This week I will not set goals -  there's still plenty of potential in my "want-to-do" box and I need to make up my mind about a Guild Meeting project for 2013 as my first outing is on the 20th.
Have a good week.


  1. Oh Margaret! Not sure what to say, quite quite beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on your Hari Kuyo Needlebook Margaret it looks great

  3. The needlebook is beautiful. You've accomplished quite a lot this week.

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwww it is so for you x

  5. Your needle book is wonderful! I especially like the Honourable Hard Work page - such a clever idea. Looking forward to seeing you ornaments - the tease already looks good.

  6. Your needlebook is gorgeous! I love the fabric on the cover.

  7. Gorgeous needlebook and the fob matches it to perfection. I love Japanese textiles.

  8. You should feel particularly proud and have every right to more than a few moments of satisfaction! Beautiful!!

  9. Well done on a stunning finish. You deserve to be very porud.

  10. Congratulations on your needlebook. I love to see all the special touches you used to make it your own. And the stitched kanji are brilliant. Use it in good health and happiness. I left more comments on the Flickr site. Be well and thanks for participating in my class. Susan

  11. Lovely Hari Kuyo book! I have just started mine!! So this is good inspiration, as well as all your other lovely finishes. :-)