Sunday, 6 January 2013

A quick catch up

We are already six days in to the new year!   The past week has been a whirlwind of activity as Kazumi was visiting from Japan.   We went north to see the Treaty House where the 'founding document' of our nation was signed and New Zealand became part of the British Empire
I said hello again to the 'man' with whom I linked arms around 50 years ago!
The fearsome warriors consented to a photo shoot!
We went a little south to a delightful Edwardian Spa where we enjoyed soaking in a hot tub and then a wonderfully relaxing massage. (This is not us by the way -  we are much better looking!)
Wooden tub
We went to the souvenir stores, the supermarket and to the bustling Auckland Waterfront.
It was a delightful week - but without much activity with needles of any sort!
My first page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL (NMMSAL) is begun.   I have no talent as a designer so this is stretching my imagination and capabilities.   Hopefully all will be well.   I plan on doing each page with a single stitching style and this one is Assisi.   Each page will be bordered in hemstitching and drawn thread work.   Well, that is the plan!
This isn't very true to colour.   I am stitching on platinum Belfast 32 count linen and using Sampler Threas Dried Thyme stranded floss.
And I received in the mail a belated Christmas gift from Phyllis.   Don't you love this bookmark.  It is made from a vintage table runner.  Thank you Phyllis.  
My order from an online store arrived too.
This week I expect to sort out my projects for the next month or so and to make a good start on those.   Dare I write a target list for this week?

Complete construction on two Christmas Ornaments
Finish two bands on the Assisi page for my NMMSAL
Sort out projects for this month
Kit up and bag a project to take to Embroiderers' Guild meetings

Well we shall see how I get along with that lot and a busy week back at work?!


  1. That hot tub looks awesome! Good luck with your project list!

  2. Your visit looks to have been lots of fun. I do like Assisi work, it's so effective. Tournicoton designs are always very pretty, I've got a few still to stitch that I bought ages ago.

  3. Margret I am curious, what is the pattern on the left?

  4. Doesn't it always seem like we need a vacation to catch up from the vacation? Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  5. Looks like a wonderful visit and holiday with your friend.
    I love the assisi start.
    Lovely new stash too.

  6. What a fun visit you had with your friend I can see:)
    Great photos, love the maories joining you on the photo.
    The Assisi looks lovely.
    Great charts, Tournicoton is a favourite of mine.

    The hot tub and massage, how great!

    Have a lovely day, hugs
    Anette & Skruttan