Monday, 28 January 2013

An almost finish

Today has been a public holiday here in Auckland and we have enjoyed beautiful hot weather.  I love days like this - my to do list is always long.  Did you hear the satisfied "mmm" as I crossed off each item?
Garden weeded - yes!
This week's meals cooked - yes!
All  net curtains washed -  yes!
Ironing done -  yes!
Finished my book - yes!
And of course some stitching got done too.  This is the almost finished piece.   My niece Heidi brought me these two lace elephants from India last year.   A couple of rows of drawn thread hem stitching + a struvdor on the flap = a handkerchief sachet.   This is still only pinned and tacked but hopefully the seams will be stitched and the lining inserted this week so I can call this complete too.
Oh well, back to work tomorrow....


  1. That is gorgeous! You do beautiful work.

  2. Great way to show off the elephants. CJ in OK

  3. I love it! I agree with Chris -- you do beautiful work.

  4. It's beautiful, what a great way to use the elephants

  5. Ohhhhh pretty! I love the little elephants. And the Struvor stitching looks beautiful. The little details add so much to it!