Thursday, 17 February 2011

WARNING - this post contains CHOCOLATE!

Hello everyone.   It has been a while since I posted and I continue to stitch on the Historic Countries Sampler.   At present I am in the Holland section and have just completed a "giant" boat -  this is relative of course.  The whole sampler is quite a giant!   Hopefully this weekend Holland will be finished and I plan on having a short break to stitch a small gift for a friend.

In between the crosses, I made this apron which the HDHBEM kindly modelled for me.   She was really shy this time:-)

And now for a complaint.   At Christmas Mother gave me this tin of chocolates - "I know you will love the tin dear, even if you don't eat the contents."  

At that stage I had strong resolve and put the tin away waiting for a time when others would eat the contents for me.   Such a large tin =  so many chocolates = would be great for a plate when I am rostered on tea time at church.  

So last Sunday I was on the roster and I opened the tin of chocolates -  well!   What a disappointment!   Wouldn't you feel cheated if you only got less than half a tin full!  

We won't be buying these again, tin or no tin!
Next week the HDHBEM has the cataract removed from her right eye and will then become the QuarterBlindHalfDeafElderlyMother (QBHDEM) and will be very happy!  At present we put in drops morning and night and live with the anticipation of success (even though the opthalmologist said the macular degeneration will mean limited improvement).   I will have the day off to take her to the hospital and collect her again three hours later -  and what a blessing, the hospital is only a few minutes walk from the needlework shop.  How fortuitous- I will love having my mind preoccupied with stitching treasures during the wait:-)
Have a great evening everyone.


  1. HC Sampler is looking just great!! Those chocolates - where they good if sparse? Good luck to your Mom, keeping her in our thoughts!!


  2. Margaret, your sampler is looking great - bright and lively!

    As to those chocolates - yeah, that's a big disappointment. Packaging these days can be deceptive.

    Good luck to your mom. My mom had that surgery years ago and said it wasn't to bad.

  3. That boat is really something. It's great and I love the sailors...they have attitude!

    The chocolate looks yummy, even though the box is misleading.

    My Dad had cataract surgery a couple of years ago, too. It was a breeze and it helped a lot. Good luck to your Mom.

  4. Oh, and Happy Stash Shopping!

  5. Your Sampler is looking great!

    I do hope that at least the chocolates were good!

    Good luck with your mom!

  6. Good luck to your mom. Sending prayers her way.

  7. You sampler looks so great -
    I love the boat !!

    So sad to get a box of chocolate that is actually a "not even a half-box of chocolate"

    So nice to hear you are giving your time to serve at your Church! :)
    I am a Sunday-school teacher.
    I will remember your dear Mother at my prayers.

  8. Almost forgot....that's a fantastic apron your soon-to-be QBHDEM is modelling there!