Thursday, 10 February 2011

Oh dear oh dear - a diet breaker of a package

It was only on Monday that Sonoko told me she had sent a package and this morning the courier driver rang the bell and delivered the goodies.   How quickly that travelled -  NZ Post should take some lessons from Japan Post.   And what a lot of goodies there were!   Two cute teddy bears nursing small packages of ----yes! Chocolates.    Two tiny tote bags containing ---- yes!   Chocolates.   The red package contained two smaller white packages which contained two beautiful pairs of gloves and two handkerchiefs.   And the pink tote bag in the front? ---- yes!   More chocolates.

Japanese retailers must be the Kings of Wrapping.   Let me give you a pictorial explanation.  

Inside this beautiful coordinated tote bag, was a wonderful round box (can you see this with some embroidery on top  - once the contents are eaten of course)

the tissue paper was folded into soft symmetrical  folds,

Under that was a small card detailing the flavours of the contents.   Under the card a padded wax paper disc to protect the delicate contents and so eventually after five layers all was revealed....... these!  

Too good to eat do I hear you say?   Well all the other chocolates will be eaten first.   These special ones will be kept for a day or two so I can enjoy their beauty and Mother can decide which she will eat as the instructions sent by Sonoko are that I must share !!   Thankyou so much for the surprise Sonoko.  


  1. What a sweet thing to send you chocolate as a gift.

    The wrapping is almost an art in DD will love this post! :)

  2. What a Nice surprise! Those chocolates look beautiful.

  3. Sonoko sent you a beautiful package. The chocolates look delicious! Their wrapping is truly an art.

  4. Yum!It's a pity I don't live close by Sis! :)
    Enjoy the treats and I look forward to seeing your embroidery creation on that box.

  5. MMMmmmm, what a terrific surprise!!! It's all so lovely. It's very relaxing just to behold the beautifully designed packaging!