Sunday, 27 June 2010

Another new start

My sabbatical from cross stitch is having the required stimulus effect and heres a snapshot of the current piece.  
Two small linen coasters - to use up leftover 32 count belfast linen from the Wessex needlecase. The thread is Shenandoah colour Waterlilies silk and is a delight to stitch with. 
A New Zealand Embroiderer Olwyn Horwood is an active advocate of "traditional stitiching" and some years ago (in fact it was 1999) I did several classes with her producing some, as yet unused, doilies.   Indeed I purchased her book but this is the first time I have stitched anything from it.  Apart from some hesitancy with the diagonal four sided stitch (done over three threads to further complicate matters) this went together like a dream.   As you can see I am now painstakingly doing the Scandanavian Stitch edging .   But I'm enjoying the linen, the floss, the chart ie the whole package.

There have been several enquiries asking about the Wessex Stitchery book - It was published in 2000, so may very well be difficult to obtain now.  

I have stitched several pieces based on this book - all but one have been given as gifts but THE ONE is on my lounge wall and gives me great pleasure as well as inciting curiosity in many guests.
I think that if I have read the instructions correctly this photo may even be clickable.   Not too sure about that though -  it all seemed immeasurably complicated.

Hope you have all had a good weekend and not wet and cold like mine.

Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Margaret! How beautiful! I really like!

  2. Your stitching is amazing! I love the coaster! And the sampler is stunning!

  3. Your sampler is fantastic! I'm sure that this book is very interesting!
    And I like your coaster's color :)

    Best wishes,

  4. That si a beautiful piece of embroidery. The edging does look intricate. x

  5. This is a lovely piece, the colour is so soft and delicate.

  6. Hey Margaret, thought that I'd share this here in case anyone else was looking.

    Finally found the Wessex Stitchery book here:

    They have a few copies left. :)