Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Afghan Mania (Picture Heavy Blog)

Tonight I want to show off the handiwork of my Half Deaf Half Blind Elderly Mother. A year or two ago she decided that she would stitch afghans - one each for the grandchildren to give their children. Grandchildren who at that stage were neither married nor had offspring of their own. Nothing daunted the Afghan Mania Marathon began and yesterday the final one had its binding put on. Although two of the grandchildren are now married there are no great-grandchildren yet but one of these has been put away carefully marked "4 Anita". No others are designated so we may have to hold a ballot!!

HDHBEM is too shy to show her face but here she is holding her handiwork.
So here we go in no particular order -
First Animal Safari Then two Noahs Arks Two Alphabets Two smaller ones were Golliwogs and Dinosaurs
Now let it be noted that HDHBEM has only six grandchildren so there is one Afghan to spare in that count. Perhaps I should get first choice? But unfortunately the one marked "4 Anita" is my choice. Oh dear oh dear.


  1. Wow! That's an amzing collection, your mother is a star and a wonder - especially in her elderly, half deaf half blind condition :o)

    I've only stitched one afghan, it's an experience I'm not likely to repeat, so the fact that your mum has done so many just boggles my mind!

  2. Amazing work. Just Beautiful.

  3. OMG!!! Those afghans are gorgeous!! Nice work. I'm working on a teddy bear afghan for the moment. I just love doing it.

    Greetings from Belgium,

  4. Wow goodness. What a lot of afgans. Great collection.

  5. What super afghand's!!! I love your finishes - congrats!!!

  6. Your mother does amazing work!! I'm sure all the grandkids are going to be thrilled. (I'm sure Anita won't notice if you move her label to another afghan!)

  7. The quilts are amazing! What an achievement for your mother. I'm sure the grandchildren will love them and cherish them forever.

  8. The afghans are beautiful. What a wonderful thing your mother has done.