Monday, 5 April 2010

A Productive Weekend

Good afternoon all. In New Zealand we have had a four day long weekend for Easter and I must admit it has felt like a mini-holiday. Over the four days I have accomplished almost everything off my list (and a few extras!).

First the collaborative cardigan is now complete. Many thanks to the hdhbeM who did the bulk of the knitting.

Second the Birthday Kiss for my niece-in-law (she doesn't read this blog) is stitched. Looks a little like a plum pudding to me but seems it's supposed to be a birthday cake and that blue spike on top is a candle. I might not recognise that but the white Hershey's tag is hard to miss. Now to decide how I will finish this. I stitched on Edinburgh cream linen with DMC floss and a gold metallic highlight - too late in the day for a good photo of this sorry.

Third the grey pin stripe skirt is sewn and just needs to have the hem done.

Fourth the garden has been cleared and dug over ready for Autumn planting

Fifth the garage got a complete Spring Clean - yes yes yes I know it's now Autumn but it didn't get done in the Spring :-(

And finally the linen and threads are ready for a new start. Diana J kindly sent me this beautiful linen- next time we have a morning fog I will try to remember that this is the colour I am seeing - isn't it beautiful and I love the darker watermark effect from the hand dyeing. Watch this space to see what this will turn into.
Hhave a good evening one and all.


  1. You both did a wonderful job on the cardigan! And love that Hershey's kiss, so cute!

  2. The birthday kiss is really cute! I will be watching to see how you decide to finish it. I will also be watching to see what you do with the blue linen. I'm glad you found something to do with it!

  3. Wow you have had a busy weekend. I love the Hershey's Kiss and I can't wait to see your new start!

  4. You have had a very busy weekend. I am curious what your new start will be.