Sunday, 25 April 2010

Brown Rabbit Red Sky

Last night I sat up late stitching this little Rabbit for the Brides Tree SAL. He is a mixture from several Quaker charts I have in my collection but I am rather pleased. I intend to finish all 12 of these Brides Tree ornaments in Christmas fabric when they are all done and meanwhile they are merely a growing pile in my workbasket.

And tonight was this beautiful sunset. So tomorrow will be another golden autumn day?!

Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Cute little bunny! Love the sunset photo.

  2. Darling little bunny, Margaret! I want you to know, also that I couldn't finish all of my section on your Emblem of Love piece when it came to me. Would you allow me to do so once it comes home to you? I would love to do that and get it back to you whole and complete. Hugs, Deb