Sunday, 31 January 2010

A riddle and a drama

This weekend I have been working really hard on constructing my Winter Exchange for the Crazy Exchange Group. Here's a riddle for you. Can you guess what this will turn into? Tomorrow is a public holiday here and I will get this finished and packaged. Once it arrives in its far off destination I will show you the completed item. This has been a real drama to construct.

But talking about dramas - on the way back from church this morning I turned into the street to buy the Sunday newspaper and couldn't get through because of a police barricade. Around I turned and back the other way. The shopkeeper could shed no light - he speaks no English! - but I found out later that a taxidriver had been stabbed and the whole street was cordoned off as a crime scene. What! In my peaceful neighbourhood. I am thankful to live in a gated apartment building and have several levels of security.
And finally a picture of my white lilies. They have taken months to come from a dry dusty looking bulb to this but the smell is heavenly and they are worth the wait.
Have a great evening everyone.


  1. I am very curious to know what you have constructed.

    What a scary incident to have happended so close to home.

  2. Margaret it's here and it's gorgeous!!! You've made the most wonderful box ever! Thank you so much!!! And it traveled so fast, don't you think?