Saturday, 9 January 2010

Inside and Outside #2

Hello there everyone. The sun is shining brightly here and its warm but not too hot. How I wish I could package up some sun and warmth and send to those of you who are shrouded in cold and snow :-)

Today I have been in the garden and here's the produce I have harvested for tonight's dinner. This photo was actually taken to send to my younger brother who is a great gardener but who, whenever I ask him "what shall I plant?" says 'radishes' (I love you little bro')

On the stitching front I have been making good progress on a 'Winter' themed piece for Crazy Exchange - but no photos of that until it is received by its recipient in mid-Winter.
Also making some more progress on Wiehenberg Quaker Christmas. This is DMC 777 one thread of floss over one thread of linen on 28 count Antique White Cashel Linen. Rather hard on the eyes but will look great when its framed for Christmas 2010 (oops - hope I make it by then. This is only Page 3 of 28!)
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Margaret! Do you spring and has grown radishes! And we have cold and snowy winter! Happy New Year!
    Very beautiful embroidery you start!

  2. Your veggies look delicious! (and your stitching too!)

  3. Your quaker is beautiful! Oh and it's always so difficult to understand that you can have radishes at this time of the year :D I mean I KNOW it's warm there and summer and everything, but when I look out of my window (snow and -24C), it's impossible to really grasp it :)

  4. Page 3 or 28, and one over one! Be still my beating heart - good luck Margaret! It's looking wonderful and will look great too.

    Your produce looks very yummy!

  5. Hi Margaret -- wish you could send some of your warmth our way too!

    Your quaker sampler is beautiful; can't wait to see it finished!

  6. Great veggies you have grown! You have made a great start to your quaker piece.