Wednesday, 23 January 2008

One photo and that not of the completed article. Keep forgetting to have the camera and computer with me at the same time! I stitched this little square to try making a biscornu - with major success I must say. The instructions from Annettes Acre were marvellous.
A local embroiderers guild in Auckland had their special "Town and Country" Day last Sunday and it was inspiring to meet up with fellow afficianados and see what they had been stitching. The hosts were the Embroiderers and Lacemakers Guild so quite traditional style pieces were on display. My eyesight sure isn't good enough to do bobbin lace but the pieces they had produced were exquisite and so very fine. My own guild starts again in February and I am determined to have several pieces ready for the 'new work table' so each evening after dinner it is wash hands and stitch hard! Great for the waistline too as there's no time for nibbles. My trainer at the gym laughs and tells me she's never heard of embroidery as a diet but its working for me. Well the stitching as well as the hour a day at the gym!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Margaret - I found you through your link on HOE! I am a fairly newbie myself as I started my blog on New Years Eve. I would love to see this finished biscornu - it's very pretty. If you want to visit me too go to