Thursday, 24 January 2008

At last some photos!

The group is of January finishes. A friend and I both did the Tooth Fairy from The Sweetheart Tree but while I made a wall hanging she did a pillow. Her niece is just at the right age to benefit and is already making a killing as our New Zealand coins don't really fit the pocket and so her tooth fairy leaves $5 notes! My tooth fairy will have to lay in the drawer awaiting the right age group as my nieces and nephews are all in their twenties so have no need of the tooth fairy - merely the money.

The book mark was a gift for my birthday last October and is finally finished and looks good - too good to use I think.


  1. Oh , you have some really nice work to show, Margaret! Congratulations!:o)

  2. Margaret - your biscornu is perfect! You will do very well in the exchange :-)