Monday, 9 November 2020

And on to a new project

The Hardanger Apron is now in the messy process of construction.   But also on the sewing table is an all-but completed blouse which I need to finish so I can wear it in the appropriate season which is now!   So aprons must wait their turn.

Meanwhile I need another project and so this has been begun.   There are 34 inches of stitching to do to complete the basket band this will become, so a long way to go.   A quick visit to the Trade Aid shop and I found a really suitable sisal basket so while stitching this will ponder the colour I'll buy for the lining fabric.   

One thing I will not be doing is stitching the matching scissor fob, pincushion and needle book. Already I have too many of these and need no more.   But this new basket will contain not only my box of tools, needle books, scissors and glasses but will still have ample room for the current project meaning I can grab it and go when off to stitching groups.

How I wished I had a small "grab and go project" last week when the DBEM got carted off to the hospital and I sat by her bedside for the next three hours.   What a lot of stitching I could have accomplished, instead of which I sat and watched the feverish activity of the Emergency Department and wished desperately for a hot drink:-)   The DBEM was treated, checked, issued with a discharge certificate (electronically to her local doctor) and with dire warnings sent home.   For the remainder of the week she has been less than energetic and I've not been free to get out and about much.   Hence the sewing of the blouse (see above).   

And another amazing occurrence....I got hooked on a science fiction book.   Quite possibly the first I have ever read, this was a translation from a Chinese author and I fell completely into the spell he wove.  So much so that dinner was delayed last night until finished.   For anyone interested it was The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.   I don't intend to read others in the trilogy, nor will I venture into the world of Sci-Fi but despite my poor academic record in physics I was intrigued by this and found it a real page turner.

And now it's dinner preparation time again so until next time...


  1. Sorry to hear your DBEM has been ill. I hope she is feeling better. Like you, I like a grab abd go project to hand but it has to need minimal concentration.

  2. I am so sorry to hear your mom has been ill and hope she is recovering. I always have a grab and go project and book as I seem to take a lot of family members for appointments. Take good care.

  3. Sorry to hear about Mum, hope she's feeling better now. I do try to have a travel project ready to go for work lunch breaks and so on.
    I've heard of the book, a customer was talking about it a while back. I've not read it myself yet.

  4. I'm sorry to read that you mother had to visit hospital. Hopefully she is starting to feel more like herself. Being at home will surely aid her recovery.

  5. I hope your mum is doing okay now! It's really good to have a little grab-and-go project for emergency trips...I do have some experience with those.