Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Today's stitching

Having failed to read the instructions correctly I ended up choosing a Christmas Ornament to stitch which is on 32 count linen and over one.   This. Is. Not. Relaxing.   I am determined that when the elf's hat is finished he and I will take a break and I will stitch something else.   And this time it will be over two!!
But I did manage to make a start on the child's vest.   The handwork is done and all that remains is a session at the sewing machine.   So far I am satisfied with this trial run of the Twig and Tale Pathfinder Vest.   The DBEM persuaded me not to use the wool blanket fabric recommended so I am trialling this in polar fleece and inwardly regretting that I was so easily persuaded to veer off course.
The lining is this pink bunny fabric so I had to make a bunny decoration for the front, all the while thinking that the pompom may not be very practical for a three year old?!

It does feel good to be back stitching with small silver needles that have a hole in them :)


  1. My eyes hurt thinking about your elf project. It's looking good though.
    Sandy's Space

  2. Yes! My eyes do hurt but I had a check up of them yesterday and all is well so they are not damaged by this drafted elf:). He's on hold at the moment thou.

  3. By coincidence, that Elf is the chosen design for April in our FB group. It does look nice when it's finished and everyone is choosing different embellishments for the hat and shoes.

    1. I have little bells to hang off hat and boots so this will be an audio Ornament!

  4. Oh gosh, over 1 on 32 is definitifely not relaxing! Looking great, though.