Friday, 11 December 2015

Woodland Delight

Another long and tiring week is over.   Christmas is almost here and the supermarkets are filled with chocolate.   Visitors come to my house and leave behind boxes of chocolate.   Current project, Woodland Delight, is failing to delight.   And the result of all this?  Lowered resistance to temptation!!

However I am determined and so the "ceased to be delightful" Woodland Delight is being put on ice and I am sorting through my stash for a new project.   So before I start something new here's a progress photo of the back-  a completed medallion
 and the front - barely half done
My friend Yuko sent me an early Christmas gift -  this beautiful book.
Cross stitch based on old lace patterns, these are all really intriguing.  The bottom small image is the real Cluny lace and the top larger image is the cross stitch version!
Doesn't this look great?   Stitching on a dark fabric might be hard on the eyes but I'm determined to try and am inspired by these projects.
Methinks I need a small blue purse like the one on the bottom right, although the book cover on the left is tempting too.   Better this temptation that the chocolate though!!


  1. What a wonderful book! I look forward to seeing how you use it.

  2. What a thoughtful gift, it looks like a lovely book and full of inspiration. I like the blue and white purse too.

  3. I love the colours on the medallion. Beautiful!