Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Festive Spirit

Today is hot and sunny so I set off on an adventure

I shall take the bus into The City and admire the Christmas Decorations
I shall ignore the fact that these decorations are showing their age!
I shall admire at length the animated marionette Christmas display in the department store windows.
I shall ignore the small children who creep in under my legs and whose parents excuse such behaviour
I shall find a Christmas tree or two or fifty
I shall admire the plastic Santas adorning almost every retail display
I shall make Christmas Special!!.
I shall refuse to be tempted by the unending array of chocolate, gingerbread and other confectionery
I shall admire the arcade decorations
I shall put life and limb in danger to photograph Queen Street
I shall wonder where all the "foreigners" have come from until I spy this
I shall meet the Jolly Fat Fellow
I shall even wish him Merry Christmas
Hey ho, the bells are ringing


  1. And you shall be grateful that you don't work in retail and have to deal with this every day LOL
    Luckily I'm only part time so it's only a couple of times a week for me.
    I do love seeing the festive window displays in the shops too.

  2. Lovely post. I enjoyed seeing these photos