Friday, 7 August 2015

A wonderful package from Sunny Spain

Look what Sheryl sent me from Spain.(With apologies for the fuzzy photo)
The beautiful cotton fabrics will be ever so useful and I love the little needlebook and purse.
Have a closer look at the mermaid.   Isn't she wonderful.   The fabric is a rich velvet and the embellishing is exquisite.
I love the little bobbins on the cord ends too.
Thank you very very much Sheryl.
On the stitching front:  I have stitched the small strawberry - the emery on the Strawberry Sampler Bag and Toys.   Now I am paralysed with indecision -  shall I make it a true emery or shall I just stuff it.   The instructions call for a needle woven leaf on top and I'm not sure I can manage that?  We shall see.
In the interim I have the fabric cut out for a new winter skirt and hope to get that stitched up tomorrow.   Dan, the weatherman promises another polar blast so it will be an indoors day.  So with stitching sorted, sewing in the cue and an excellent book pleading for attention all should be well in my part of the world:-)


  1. What lovely gifts, I love the mermaid.

  2. Cute needlebook! I think you can do the needle woven top too.

  3. What an amazing purse! Her embroidery is lovely.
    I'm sure you can manage a needlewoven leaf, there is probably a good tutorial on YouTube somewhere.

  4. What wonderful gifts! Love the mermaid -

  5. The needle woven top will look perfect, of course you can do it. So pleased you liked the goodies.