Saturday, 11 April 2015

The annual tally

Another busy day almost at an end.   Today the HD3QBEM took her bags of knitting to the Hospice Shop where she was greeted enthusiastically and we both came home with warm fuzzy feelings :-)
This year she managed 37 garments (plus 3 more for the annual church Making Ends Meet Bazaar next month) and here they are spread out on her bed before we bagged them up.  Each is labelled and marked with size.   The shop manager said they sell at around $25 - $30 each and go very quickly.   The HD3QBEM is now inspired to surpass her total of 40 next year.
I went to the GP and had my annual flu vaccine.   Strangely enough, before the nurse jabbed my left arm she wanted to weigh me and measure my height.   I was delighted (?) to find that I have lost three kilo since starting this new job but less delighted to find that I have shrunk 1cm in the past 12 months.   At this rate I will vanish in a puff of smoke before I get to go on my planned trip to the British Isles :-(
Progress continues on the lid of the Sampler Casket.   The bricks are all laid and I have built the fence and twisted the creeper across the front.   Oh dear, it is difficult to get lazy daisy stitch to sit well.   I had to settle for slightly imperfect!  Next will be laying the lawn and then I must decided whether this is to be a 'family' casket and therefore I stitch people in the space or whether I will make it a 'neutral' casket and stitch a garden.   The pattern is charted for either.   I must make that decision or progress will be delayed.   Currently I am stitching the blue bird of happiness on the left.
Tonight I have a date with Sherlock and Watson in my weekly dose of Elementary so will bid you all adieu.


  1. Oh wow Margaret, I'm so impressed once again with your mum. I had to show my husband what she had accomplished over the last year and he was so impressed too. Our flu vaccines didn't work this year, it was reported on the news as it happened countrywide. My son suggested Elementary to me but I haven't tried it yet, I might give it a look.

  2. Your mom is amazing!
    What's your weight loss secret? Losing three kilo would do me some good.
    The casket is wonderful! You are making great progress with it.

  3. Congratulations to your mom! Your stitching is so beautiful. I love the vine on the fence.

  4. Your mother is such a kind and generous lady. What a testimonial to you both - love your progress on the casket. gorgeous.

  5. Congratulations to your Mum, that's quite a tally.

    Your casket is gorgeous, great progress. Glad to hear the new job is going well

  6. That is an incredible amount of knitting and a huge amount of money to be raised. It's good that they sell the garments for what they are worth and not cheap just because they are for charity.
    Lovely work on your casket. Maybe you could make it family and friends?