Wednesday, 8 April 2015

And brick by brick I'm building a house

My sampler casket is coming along well.
The strawberry panel is perhaps my favourite so I will need to look out for a display spot where I can see that panel all the time :-)
But the lid has a house.   Well, not just a house - a veritable mansion -  which I am building brick by brick.   This is only the West Wing! I changed the colour of the windows as I am stitching in DMC rather than the silks specified so went with my preference since no exact substitute was given.   These look OK I think.
I think the tree is perhaps supposed to be a pear tree, as the fruit are that colour.   And the cross to the left of the house is actually the top of the 'picket' fence which frames the piece.   There is a bird to stitch too.   A blue bird of happiness.
This is a fun stitch and has been much quicker than I first imagined.   Already I am thinking "what next?"
Work is still interesting.   Our clientele ('affectionately' known as offenders) are many and varied in their dress, their demeanour, their manners and their moods. This week I am rostered on two hour shifts at reception each day and being friendly to all comers is rather tiring.   I find myself escaping to the filing room when my shift is finished,  for some peace and quiet.   No one bothers me in the filing room!  I am loving the lessened responsibility in this position and so far the HD3QBEM seems to be managing well during the day without me. I am managing to get to the gym most week nights and to do some stitching most nights so at present don't have to edit the profile of my blog!
All is well Chez Nous.


  1. I love this project! It is beautiful.
    When I was first out of law school I clerked for a circuit court judge. I remember the "offenders" well. It was a little unsettling at first. One of the things I remember being a little shocked at seeing was the various tattoos - common in the United States, but practically unheard of here in Japan.
    Glad your mom is doing well.

  2. Oh Margaret your comment about being friendly to all comers being tiring made me smile. I spend every morning doing exactly that and if I'm being honest it becomes second nature. You eventually become immune to the idiosyncrasies of people and even their rudeness. I love the stitching on your casket, it's coming along well.

  3. Your stitching is so pretty! The colors in the strawberry panel are beautiful together. I work in a prison in the US. We call the "guests" inmates. LOL And yes, they are interesting to say the least!

  4. Lovely progress! And glad your new job allows for other things in your life!! Laura

  5. The strawberry panel is so beautiful. I commented on my blog this week that flame stitch or Bargello is my favourite stitch and this is truly a wonderful example.
    Being pleasant to everyone can be tiring, I work in a bookshop and know that feeling well! Luckily most of our customers are lovely.

  6. Love the colors and the flame stitch!