Saturday, 14 July 2012

What does one do when......

What does one do when there is "spare" linen around the edge of a finished piece?
Make Christmas Ornaments for the nieces and nephews.   These are Prairie Schooler Christmas Alphabet - what a pity there are two A's and two L's.
What does one do when the HDHBEM cannot manage to read the pattern for the knitting she has chosen?
Why, you take over and do the "hard" part for her.  I did it last night and then dropped a stitch on the feather and fan pattern so had to rip it off and start from scratch again.   All is well now.   I have caught up, handed it over to her and am back with my favourite needles (the ones that have eyes!!)
What does one do next when one has finished the stitching on the Christmas Ornaments?
I use up sceaps of linen and DMC Perle from the stash.   These bookmarks will be included in Christmas Cards for friends.   Linda Driskel has excellent hardanger charts and great instructions.  She taught me how to do hardanger.
What does one do when the library is next door to the HDHBEM's hairdresser?
There were still some books on the shelves after I had selected mine.  Would you believe it if I told you there are another five in a pile beside my bed.   And yes these will all get read before the month is out.

Thank you all for your concern and thoughts for the HDHBEM.  She was discharged from hospital on Thursday and is recuperating at home now.   Life is slowly getting back to our normal.  
The freezing temperatures and fine sunny days have gone and we now have the normal freezing temperatures and bleak grey days of winter.   Tonight I have my two favourite programmes on TV so once I have made the Bara Brith (Fruit Loaf) from the postcard Ann sent me from Wales, I shall sit and stitch and savour the delicious smells.
Hope you all have a wonderful evening too.


  1. You read an amazing amount of books Margaret, good for you. Have you ever thought of having a Kindle or other type of ebook? There is nothing worse than dropping a stitch in the midst of a pattern, ripping out isn't much fun. Your stitching is all great, I really like the little Christmas Alphabet squares - so personal too. I do hope that the Bara Brith was edible.

  2. So glad your Mum is home. I have a pile by the bed too and books on my iPad. I get nervous when I have nothing to read. Love the ornaments and your wonderfully frugal use of the spare linen.