Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Week that was

For the past few weeks the HDHBEM has hardly left the house except for medical appointments so yesterday we set off on a small road trip.
Our destination was the small town of Pukekohe, just to the south of Auckland.
At the quilt shop we found some fabric to back Christmas ornaments (yes I have begun the stitching for those!) and buttons for six garments that the HDHBEM has completed for the local hospice shop.   It was a cold cold day so we rugged up .  Hat, gloves, scarf and leather jacket - you'd be forgiven for thinking there was snow!
The shop had a quaint old fashioned cash register.
Do forgive the quality of the photos.   I forgot my camera and my cheap phone was the only alternative.
I have been stitching steadily on my UFO hardanger piece and should have it finished this week.   In anticipation of a finish I have pulled out floss for the Christmas ornaments for the nieces and nephews.   Each year a stitched ornament is included in their Christmas Card and while the HDHBEM writes the cards I get to stitch the ornaments.   This year the Prairie Schooler Christmas Alphabet, DMC floss and Belfast Linen will constitute the ingredients for the Christmas mix.
And, while clearing out a cupboard in my garage I found a large square box containing ..... this!
I had forgotten I had this.   Some years ago(perhaps six or seven?) the Embroiderers Guild had an exhibition and the theme was "A View of Auckland"   I stitched this and called it a view from space!   The inspiration came from a freebie off the Piecework magazine site.   I didn't stitch on silk as per the instructions and was never really satisfied with the completed piece- hence the sealed box in garage I expect.  It will go back there now.   And I will go back to my beloved counted work -  stem stitch and surface embroidery are not my best friends!
Hope you all have a great evening.  


  1. I like the idea and coats and scarves.. lol I am in The US in Alabama. It was 104 here today.. We are having a heat wave!! I love that old cash register!

  2. It's so funny to see your mum all wrapped up at this time of year. I still find it strange knowing that this is your winter. Mind you, we've had the worst June I can remember and the weather elsewhere seems to have gone crazy.

  3. Nashville had record breaking heat of 109 degrees! Please send some of your cool temps here.

    Wonderful keepsake Christmas ornaments for family

  4. Margaret, your globe is wonderful! I have the Piecework project in my To Do pile..

    Hope you stay warm (send cool thoughts our way). Heat wave here in the northeast US...