Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Another earthquake and a progress report

- Edited to correct Mathematical Errors :-(

Once again Christchurch has a major earthquake - the heritage buildings of the central city are now mostly in ruins.   Its a really sad and difficult time for all.

On the embroidery front, I have progressed from Scotland to Italy now and have the end well in sight.   I didn't get the iron out tonight so here's a shot wrinkles and all.   This is a great design -  fascinating to stitch and amazing how each individual component fits to make a wonderful whole.

After some grave deliberation I decided on the initials on the right of the Scotland section -  my parents Roger Philip  and Ivy Madge;  then I changed the spacing to put in the initial of the names of all four children Peter, Margaret, Silas and Heather.   Problem solved with some degree of intelligent compromise!

Don't you just love the little dog?  He was so cute and quick to stitch -  the same could not be said of the gate or the three colour alphabet!   So tonight I finish the Z and start on the Assissi Medallion -  some interesting specialty stitches coming up, much to my delight.
Tomorrow my "little brother" comes to see us for a couple of days.  All six foot two inches (1.9metres) of him chortle each time I say those words but believe me they are definitely a term of endearment.   I truly love my little brother!!   Here's a reasonably good shot of all of us taken last year at my nieces wedding.  "Little brother" is on my right hand so you will see why I have to stand on tippy toe to give him a hug. 

Well, good night everyone.   I'm off to watch Downton Abbey and enjoy the marvellous costumes and scenery.   Have a great evening everyone.


  1. Your Sampler is looking great.

    Isn't Downton Abbey fabulous? The best thing on TV right now.

  2. How frightening to experience an earthquake, we saw it here on the news and to lose historic buildings is such a shame, hopefully they will be rebuild?
    Great progress on your sampler, the dog is lovely:)
    Going back in time with Downtown, it's a lovely series, hopefully another series this autumn.

  3. I didn't realize the latest earchquake was in the same location. That's terrible news for sure. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of the area.

    Your sampler is coming along so quickly! It looks great! I love the little dog.

  4. Your sampler is looking gorgeous. Love those colors.What's the sampler called?
    How terrible for Christchurch to go again through that. Last time we just had left Christchurch and were 2ookm's away from it...still felt the quake.

  5. So sad to hear that ChristChurch was hit with yet another earthquake! And the damage to the buildings! I hope that not too many people were hurt.

    Lovely progress on your sampler! I will have to check out Downtown Abbey. I've never watched it before.

  6. I had no idea there had been another earthquake - that's really tough for everyone. Your stitching is lovely and it's great to see your family too.

  7. Beautiful stitching :-)

    Scary stuff having another eathquake! we are so lucky not to have to deal with things like this in the UK, it must be horrible.

    I love Downton Abbey! The new series is due to come out in the Autumn here - can't wait!

    Take care