Sunday, 19 June 2011

And the end is in sight....

This past week has been a mixture of a week - not too busy at work but quite busy at home.  My "little brother" came to see us and we all enjoyed a good time of talking and catching up on each others news.  
I bought a copy of The Troubled Man ( Henning Mankell) and got so engrossed in reading that some nights my bedside lamp was on quite late!

However this past week I have made good progress on The Historic Countries Sampler and tonight will hopefully finish the Italian section.   This is certainly a large piece -  and now that I am working in the last corner there does seem to be a lot of fabric to keep out of the way while I stitch!

Apart from reaching the conclusion that I do not particularly care for Assissi work, this section has been quite fun to stitch - apart from the alphabet!   That I did NOT enjoy.

For the final country I am closer to home -  Australia - and look forward to reading the notes that accompany that chart.  
Vera, you asked where this chart came from.   The Historic Countries Mystery Sampler was a 12 part mystery sampler which was published from September 2007 to August 2008 in The Gift of Stitching.   Their website is here and you can contact them directly -  the have back copies of the magazines and a kit of the whole sampler.

Hope you have all had a good weekend - unspoilt by the heavy rain and gales that came our way!  Talk to you again soon - hopefully to report a happy dance!


  1. Looking good. And only Australia to finish it. :)

  2. So close to the end! It must be hard to put it down at this point. I know I'd be stitching frantically trying to finish it off. :)

  3. I thought I'd read everything written by Henning Mankell but I've obviously missed out on this one. I find his books very addictive. Thanks for mentioning this latest one.

  4. The Assissi work looks great when finished - I know it's not fun to stitch but it's worth it. The bargello area looks really good too - I love the end result of that but not the actual stitching.