Thursday, 3 March 2011

Progress Reports

Good evening everyone.   It has been a while since I posted but life has been a little busy here -  I haven't touched my stitching for three whole days!!

Anyway, good news.   The QBHDEM is back home and recovering well.   I told her she needed to provide proof so here's a photo/message.   She is doing well but our hot days and humid nights are sapping her strength so everything here is in slow motion!   And the surgery on her right eye has significantly improved her sight so although the operation on the left eye now has to be delayed for six months she can see better.

And a progress report on the Historic Countries Sampler.   Did you know there are frogs in Spain as well?!?
Yes, last week not only was there the stress of hospital visits but also those interminable episodes of what my fellow embroiderers here in Auckland Guild call "reverse stitching"   I have reversed enough now and am in forward motion again.   Tonight I shall stitch!!   Here's the most recent snapshot I have of the HCS.  

In the two months I have been stitching this I have covered many countries, a lot of specialty stitches and a significant area of the linen fabric.   And what's more my enjoyment of this project is still at high levels.

And here's a snapshot of the two headed eagle!   Spain is about two thirds complete so perhaps this weekend I might get to start the next country, which is.....?    Watch this space.

Good night everyone.


  1. Glad to see your Mum is recovering well from her Op, lovely photo.
    Beautiful stitches, look forward to more progress.

  2. Glad that your Mum is doing well and can see better from her right eye :)

    That sampler is amazing Margaret!

  3. Glad to see your mom is doing well. Great progress on HCS! You certainly have covered a lot of linen! :)

  4. Margaret! Very happy for your mother! Health of her!

    Embroidery wonderful!

  5. Hi Margaret, so good to see your Mom home and looking as cheerful as ever. Glad to hear she is recovering well and that her eye op was a success. Cute sign!

    You're really on a roll with your tour around the Historic Countries. I think the term "reverse stitching" sounds so much nicer than "ripping it out" which is what we call it in the U.S. Somehow it sounds less annoying! I think I'll call it that from now on....a little psychology...

    Enjoy the rest of Spain and looking forward to your visit to....?

  6. So very glad to see your mother looking so well and with a smile on her face!

  7. Great to hear that your mother is looking so well and has improved.

    Beuatiful progress on your sampler.

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