Sunday, 30 May 2010

A finish and a near finish

Hello there. How are you all? I have yet another bad cold so despite the fine weather am confined indoors so what better thing to do than read books - oops stitch crosses.
For the first time ever I participated in a round robin which was kindly moderated by Edgar. Mine came back to me from Carol R quite recently and as Deb wasn't able to finish her section I finished that off so it's already pressed and is now waiting in its roll to go to the framers.
Have also been making good progress on the ABCeDaire which as you can see is almost done too. All being well there should be three or four pieces to take to Sarah the framer and my "sampler wall" can really take shape.

There have been too many crosses in my life I have decided so the next piece is a five band sampler with hardanger, drawn thread, needle lace, ringed back stitch and pulled thread. The 32 count raw linen and the perle threads are waiting for me, indeed crying out for their turn, but I need to get some of the current projects done. I have three other unfinished pieces of which two are "almost done" so I am going to discipline myself and get Quaker Row and my Anne of Green Gables Book done before starting the new sampler.
A couple of weeks ago I got some new spectacles - you can click here to see them. Volcanic ash caused delays to the plane bringing my lenses from Mr Zeiss in Germany and impatience reigned but it was worth the wait and I see clearly once again.
Hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend and warmer temperatures than here.


  1. Both of your sampler pieces are gorgeous - they will look so pretty together on your sampler wall!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Beautiful stitching!
    Just found your blog and it's really neat!

    Feathers in the Nest

  3. So sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly Margaret, hope that you are better soon!

    Your samplers are beautiful!!! Happy stitching!

  4. Margaret! How beautiful! Embroidery is very like me!

  5. Your RR looks amazing and ABC is looking great
    I hope your cold will clear up soon!

  6. The samplers are just lovely!! Congrats on the new glasses - funny thing is I just got new ones a week ago also. Need to post a snap.

  7. Your RR looks fantastic and the ABCeDaire is beautiful too. Sounds like your new project is a challenge.