Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All the way to Italy and Seattle but not together!

From Auckland to Florence and NZ Post managed not to lose the package. Vania let me know that it has arrived safely so I can show you the complete package. I forgot to take a picture of the Kiwi Coasters so this snap is 'borrowed' from Vania. The postcard I marked 'I live here'. The exchange return to Marne also arrived safely so here's a snap of her Lilac tassel and extras. I can't remember how many of these hardanger tassells I have made but they never fail to give pleasure and are really easy to stitch - as well as being slightly unique as they were a teaching piece by a New Zealand embroiderer many years ago and the chart has never been published. The two pieces of fabric are a stylised version of Maori traditional designs and the striped packet is delicious New Zealand chocolate!.

I'm currently stitching a few last crosses in An Emblem of Love which was a Round Robin moderated by Edgar. This will make another in the "to be framed pile" and I hope to get them all framed before the Goods and Services Tax rises from 12.5% to 15% on 1 October. Yes! Today was Budget Day here and the GST rise was a poorly kept secret. Income tax cuts go some way to alleviating the pain!
Have a good night everyone.


  1. Lovely work, as always. My own tassel from you is still proudly on display, I think you're being modest when you stay how simple they are to make!

    The new government is having a budget next month - it's expected that VAT (sales tax) will go from 17.5% to 20% ... although the junior coalition partner seems to be getting its way on increasing personal tax allowances, so hopefully it will be swings and roundabouts...

  2. Wonderful exchanges as usual Margaret! I can see why those tassels please the recipients!

    Increasing taxes, ugh!

  3. Beautiful exchanges! A hardanger wonderful! I hope to learn hardanger one day!

    Sorry to hear about increasing taxes!

  4. I love your exchanges, both are unusual designs.

    Got to love tax hikes, just what we all need when the price of everything else is going up.