Thursday, 17 December 2009

Suzanne's RR - An Emblem of Love

Despite the setback of reverse stitching I have now completed my section of Suzanne's RR. The top right of the picture was the section I chose and although this photo doesn't do the colours justice (too late at night!!) they were a pleasure to work with. The motif at the top with the three red flowers is my favourite I think. Suzanne it took some time to decide where to "hide" my initials - I hope you like them modestly hiding under the flower.
Life is a little too busy pre Christmas to start something else so I will wait until 24th when I will pack to go away for a week. No prizes for guessing what is the first thing I will want to pack - my needlework of course.
Hope you are all having a restful evening.


  1. Just beautiful!!! Have a great Christmas!!

  2. Gorgeous! But ... I am feeling guilty that I have not made a start on my section of Deb's RR!

  3. Thank you Margaret, it looks beautiful. I am sorry that it was such a problem.

    Like Carol, I haven't even started Edgar's piece. I thought I might give it a go in the new year.

    Have a great Christmas!